Iyaloja General of Oyo State; Chaplet of Grace at New Age

By Ahmed Ajibola

“Live and let live”, is a great denomination to measure how great human lives, how successful and impactful is it to the development of another human. In the city of Ibadan, among the most prominent to “Live and let live” is Our Mother, Grandmother, Alhaja Saratu Aduke Konibaje, the Iyaloja General of Oyo State.

The Highest of grace God can bestow on his creator is to live a long life and we appreciate Almighty Allah for the grace bestowed on our mother.

She did not only live a long life, but she also live a satisfactory and fulfilling life which make her stand out among her peers.

One of the greatest highlights of Alhaja Alhaja Saratu Aduke Konibaje was her installation as the Iyaloja General of Oyo State which came with the great sense of responsibility as the number one Market Leader in Oyo state and during her reign, many restructuring and development were experienced in the Marketing sector of Oyo State.

We prays you experienced more of good and satisfactory lifetime, more guidance and steadfastness, commitment to Deen, Family, Market and Ibadan and a life worthy of emulation by many. may you continue to live to be the bridge builder and enjoys the fruits of labour. May Almighty Allah grants you more blissful years in good health.

Ahmed Ajibola is the son of Iyaloja

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