When Titi Wins, We All Win By Adéọlá Adelabu

The youth occupy an important position in the life of any nation. In the political context, young people make up over 60% of the entire population and about 70% of the voting population. Therefore, any serious political party would place a high premium on her youth, with a special focus on who leads them.

A lot has been said about the forthcoming National Convention of the All Progressive Congress, where National and Zonal Officers would be elected. As expected, a number of persons have shown interest in running. It is fantastic to note that young people have come out in their numbers to show interest. However, it isn’t enough to be young, but very important to be capable.

By popular demand, Titilopemi Gbadamosi has put herself forward to run as Zonal Youth Leader. Without an iota of doubt, Titilopemi comes prepared for this job. Haven previously served as the Special Assistant on Community Relations to Oyo State Governor, from 2016-2019, she has shown how versatile and efficient she can be
and was known as a dependable and hardworking public official.

On the party side, she has paid her dues haven previously served, and delivered excellently on several occasions which include;

•Member APC Youth Lobby Group

• Member Election Committee for the bye-election for Akure North/Akure South Federal Constituency, Ondo State (2022)

• Member, Oyo APC State Congress Screening Committee (2021)

• Member, Digital Media Committee, National Youth Conference (2021)

• Chairperson, Wardup Campaign, Oyo State APC (2021)

• Member, Media Committee Progressives Youth Conference. (2021).

Titilopemi has a passion for empowering young people. She has used her vast network to facilitate livelihood and empowerment opportunities for young persons within the party, and is ever ready to do more. If elected as our Zonal Youth Leader, she’d have the platform and legitimacy to demand more for us, and more will we get. A victory for Titilopemi is a victory for all of us

Adéọlá Adelabu writes from Ward 11, Ibadan North Local Government of Oyo state

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