The Sokoto Dastardly Murder Or Killing By Mutalubi Ojo Adebayo Esq.

Wile I condemn the Sokoto killing as being of beastly and absurd behaviour, I I will also blame the lady and I hope others like her will learn a lesson or two from the incident.

Where ignorance is bliss to be wise is bliss. In such a community or society like that and they are abound all over the North, one should cherish his or her life and avoid as much as possible discussion religious issues with those cannibals who are not Muslims because they even know nothing about what religion of Islam preaches at all.

My friend, Tesleem Adesina Oke is a member of this platform, Sina with our Egbon, Alhaji Abayomi( am happy he is also here) and Alhaji’s son, Dolapo had a very terrible and nasty experience in Mecca some years ago.

A deluded fanatic shouted to draw other people’s attention that Sina, Alhaji and Dolapo dragged Holy Quran on the floor in Kabbah and the infidel started to shout ” Blasphemy! Blasphemy!!, Blasphemy!!!. Within seconds, the Saudi Authorities security agencies came and arrested the trio. When they took them to their office, they asked for their names and profession and the three of them told them that Sina is a lawyer of almost 30years experience, that Alhaji is a Chartered Account and a Director in the Federal Civil Service while Dolapo is an Engineer with a postgraduate degree and also a federal civil servant.

The Head of the security team apologised to them and told them clearly that the alarmist cannot be a Muslim but also that he is a deluded person who doesn’t not understand the teachings of Islam. He wondered aloud if it is not absurd that an idiot will accuse the three of them that left their homes and country in Nigeria to travel all the way to Saudi Arabia to worship Allah as men who have come to insult and rubbish Quran and Allah.
Can you see the reasoning and the wisdon in that resolution of that very delicate and life threatening episode?

We are all quick to condemn the Sokoto dastardly and senseless murder, don’t we have worse scenarios here in Oyo State? Is ther any difference from the Sokoto murder and the murders some perpetrated all in the names of politics? What about the Iwo Road PMS murder? What has been done about it? Are those murderers not still walking freely with the powers that be in the state till today and have those murderers not committed several others after? What has been done?

In all, what I am saying that we are living among beasts and cannibals all over Nigeria and their protectors are powers that be ( whether in Sokoto or Portharcourt or Damturu or Ibadan) and their dastardly acts are not only limited to religion and religious matters, we should be the one to tread softly and be very careful. These are perilous times. Let us always remember that admonition that , ” Where ignorance is bliss, To be wise is foolish”
Ours is a society of ignoramus

Dated this 13th May, 2022

Mutalubi Ojo Adebayo Esq.,
Asiwaju of Idi-Aro & Ita-Ege,
Ward 5,
Ibadan South-East Local Government Area of Oyo State, and
2023 APC Presidential Aspirant.
+234 80 332 75495
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