You Can Steal Party’s Mandate But Not People’s Mandate – Aspirant, Adeboyin Adeola, Tells Fatai Buhari

The only female senatorial aspirant under the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC for the 2023 general elections, Mrs Adeboyin Adeola, has called for the cancellation of the ‘kangaroo’ Oyo North Senatorial District primary election of the party held in Saki, on Sunday.

Adeola said none of the four aspirants from Oke Ogun participated in the exercise alleging that Senator Fatai Buhari robbed the electorate and delegates.

She made this known during a press conference, on Monday, in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital.

Her words: “Our first demand is that this kangaroo primary must be cancelled. It doesn’t connote the needs of the people. Secondly, we are to be invited to solve the matter with immediate alacrity. We can have a deliberation around the issue, but not for him, the people said they don’t want him. The other four of us can have deliberation to decide and nominate one candidate.

“I’m not intending to do anything for now. We have already sent our grieviances to our party at the national level through our lawyers.”

The Igboho-born financial expert told Senator Fatai Buhari that he can steal the mandate of the party but he cannot steal the mandate of the people adding that the Oke Ogun people are ready to reject him at the poll.

She said 10 local government areas can’t continue to serve 3 local government areas.

She said: “Our delegates were not allowed to enter the venue of the congress. So who cast the four votes? Our party should do something to address this issue. Senator Fatai Buhari robbed the electorate and delegates. Power corrupt absolute power corrupt absolutely. If a serving senator of two terms in office can impose himself on us, against the will of the people.

“He can steal the party’s mandate but we shall tell him that power belongs to the people. Democracy is a government of the people, for the people and by the people. When and if the mandate has been stolen, where’s democracy? Oke Ogun people are saying, we don’t want you anymore. We have produced three different Senators. All were given only one term each. He was the one given two terms to serve and agitation aroused from different places.

“It should be noted here that Oke Ogun people are intelligent people and when they’re pushed to the wall, they will turn against you. We aren’t coward people. We are bold people. We will recover the mandate of the people to them. You can steal the mandate of the party, you can’t steal the mandate of the people. 10 local government areas cannot serve 3 Local Government areas. We aren’t slave. We are peaceful people.”

Adeola said she was speaking on behalf of other 3 aspirants Mr Sola Ogunbode, Hon Shina Peller and Alhaji Saheed Alaran.


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