Global Gaming Market To Hit $222 billion This Year

Mobile gaming currently accounts for 61 percent of the worldwide gaming business, with sales expected to hit $222 billion before the end of 2022.

The rapid growth of the smartphone category throughout the projection period may be attributed to the widespread usage of smartphones and strong internet penetration, especially in distant places. In addition, new AR, cloud gaming, and VR capabilities have been introduced to improve the end-user experience of smartphone gaming. Because the widespread use of smartphones will result in a massive increase of the gaming sector.

According to’s recent analysis, the mobile gaming business is expanding 1.7 times faster than the entire gaming market, thanks to multiple mobile features, including bet games and other offerings from various companies.

In Q1 2021, users downloaded 45 percent more games than recorded before the start of 2020, averaging 1.1 billion games weekly.

Gamers spent $1.6 billion weekly on games on iOS and Android devices in 2021, up 30% from 2020.

“Mobile is democratizing the space and is now the primary driver of growth for digital games consumption. We are seeing greater diversity across gaming genres allowing publishers to serve new gamers across generations and genders,” said the Head of Market Insights,, Lexi Sydow.

Asia continues to lead the world in terms of expenditure growth, followed by the United States and Europe.

Asia Pacific Gaming Market is set to retain dominance over a projected period between 2022 and 2028.

The launch of smartphones with new embedded features by large manufacturers in countries such as China, Malaysia, South Korea, India, Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan in the following six years is attributed to the gaming market’s growth in the Asia Pacific zone. Furthermore, the rising popularity of e-sports in nations like South Korea and Taiwan will fuel regional market expansion. According to reports, game streaming is available on MTV and YouTube in countries such as India. This has had a significant impact on regional market profit margins.

While core games with real-time online functionalities, such as player-versus-player, remain the most popular genres, cross-play elements are becoming increasingly popular. Top gaming and betting brands like Betway are paying close attention to diversifying options to appeal to as many users as possible.

Simultaneously, easy-to-play hyper casual and stimulating games, such as 4x March-Battle Strategy games, were among the most monetisable genres, while consumer spending on Open World RPGs increased significantly.

Surprisingly, women account for over half of the top mobile games in terms of consumer expenditure in the United States, while Gen X and Baby Boomers reported continuous increases in mobile game spending. A similar trend is expected to go on, given, Betway and other top gaming brands continue to accommodate more games for all types of players.

The survey also discovered that video advertising dominates the majority of gaming subgenres, with Match Games having the most Playable commercials at 31 percent.

“From a mobile in-game advertising standpoint, our US gamer survey results from late last year suggested that studios and publishers should emphasize rewarded videos and playables, and that contextual data about gamers will grow more important over time as Apple, Google, other vendors, and regulatory bodies in several key countries prioritize customer data privacy and security,” said Lewis Ward of Gaming and VR/AR, IDC.

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