5 Affordable Video Surveillance Systems in 2021 – Ideal for Every Home & Organisations

Are you planning to buy the latest security camera for monitoring the business operations remotely? Want to protect the house from an unwanted intruder? Then, it’s high time to contact a CCTV installation expert after choosing one of the highest-selling security devices.

After browsing through the internet, you might get hefty options to choose from — but purchasing the right one might be difficult. Starting from checking the security camera’s features to its storage capacity, there is a lot to consider. Additionally, home and enterprise owners should provide attention to the device’s accessibility, video recording capabilities and it should be compact-sized.

Don’t forget to check the durability and functionality of the video surveillance camera that you’re going to install. Undeniably, a security camera installation involves a significant investment, so choosing the right one is a critical step. With the help of the Wi-Fi-enabled cameras, identifying and minimising the potential vulnerabilities has become easier. Just download the security camera-related application and activate the automatic alerts to check what’s happening around the house/office.

With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, increasing the accuracy level of video surveillance systems has become possible. Many enterprise or apartment owners have switched to AI-enabled cameras from IP cameras to prevent the cyberattack.

Want to know which video surveillance system will be suitable for you? Here we are mentioning a few top-rated security cameras that provide crystal clear picture and video quality:

1.  Panasonic WV-S3131L Dome Camera — Can Be Installed Anywhere

If you are looking for a compact-sized and high-quality night vision security camera, then Panasonic’s WV-S3131L is the ideal choice. Setup this dome camera in the inconspicuous places of the house or office and increase security and safety. Moreover, this Panasonic product comes with 1080p HD recording capabilities, which has improved user’s expectations.

Audio-Recording Capacities:

Do you know that it can record videos at 60 FPS? Yes! And, you can even capture a clear sound of the surroundings while accessing these recorded videos. All thanks to its built-in condenser microphone, which has made the criminal investigation process easier. Make sure to join hands with the leading CCTV Repair Dubai experts for impeccable installation service.

Incredible Len’s Field of View!

Panasonic WV-S3131L also comes with a 108-degree viewing angle which is specially designed for business and larger places. With the help of this sort of wide-angle lens, capturing the licence plate number has become relatively easier. This security device also contains pivot hinges which have enhanced the device flexibility. Panasonic has also equipped infrared LEDs in this device which provides inevitable benefits to the users.


Usually, these LED systems are considered to be a useful light source for video capturing at low light. Even during foggy weather, Panasonic WV-S3131L provides its optimal performance with the help of these high-range features. So, this simply indicates that irrespective of the weather or lighting conditions, you can track everything using this device.

Use It’s Smart Facial Recognition System

If you are thinking of implementing low or no-contactless solutions in the organisation or at home, then nothing can be better than the facial coding systems. Panasonic WV-S3131L has an excellent facial recognition system that provides better identification and it also reduces unwanted internet usage.

Haven’t yet activated the push notifications of the Panasonic security camera’s application? Go through a DIY video and enable the alert messages to protect the valuable assets from burglars.

2.  Arlo Pro 3 Spotlight Camera — All-in-One Device

From 2020-2021, a large number of individuals have installed Arlo Pro 3 Spotlight cameras in their house or workplace. If you are thinking about the reason for such wide acceptance, then let us make a few points clear. This security camera can serve both the indoor and outdoor purposes of a startup or multinational company.

Moreover, this go-to device comes with a variety of mounting options that can effectively detect sound and motion. You don’t even have to fret about overcharging this security camera repeatedly. As it comes with an efficient rechargeable battery that can last long up to six months without charging once.

Camera Qualities

Being a weather-resistant model, Arlo Pro 3 captures video in 2K resolution with HDR support. With its integrated spotlight, you can get clear images or video recording even during the night. Moreover, the home or business owners get the privilege to use six super-wide-angle cameras by just purchasing this device.

Want to know about the pre-estimated viewing angle of Arlo Pro 3’s each camera? Well, this easy-to-install and wireless device contains 160-degree viewing angle cameras which are ideal for covering high traffic areas.


Do you use voice-controlled virtual assistants such as Alexa or Apple Homekit? Then, here’s good news for you! You can easily connect these smart devices with Arlo Pro 3 and control it easily using voice commands. With Arlo’s dedicated app, get instant notifications and you can even directly get a recorded video of the incident. This security camera-related application is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. So, go to the AppStore or Google Play Store and consider downloading this app now!

3.  Reolink Video Security Camera — Comes with an Expandable Storage Capacity

Nowadays, most of the video surveillance system comes with cloud storage which has made the online data storage process convenient. But for storing a considerable amount of video, it’s also important to have local storage. During an emergency case, accessing the data from such a storage system is much easier. And, this Reolink product contains a 2TB hard drive which seems ideal for every business and homeowners.

Camera Details

Reolink has included four high-quality and durable cameras in this device which records in 144p HD. You can also consider installing four more cameras for getting a better and clear view of the places where it’s installed. But, before installing the extra cameras, consult with an expert.

When it comes to recording videos from 100 feet during the night-time, Reolink security cameras have made remarkable contributions. With its integrated microphones, record crystal clear audios which can later help you to identify the criminals. Get the latest version of the Reolink video surveillance app and go through the videos that were recorded two months ago.

4.  Google Nest Cam IQ — One of the Most Purchased Indoor Camera

Over the years, Google Nest Cam IQ has acquired widespread recognition for its incredible functions. This video surveillance system came into the market in 2017, and even in 2021, it’s at the top of the user’s purchasing list. Because it has the immense ability to record videos at 1080p and that too at 30 FPS. Starting from the entrance to exit point to high traffic areas — it can be installed anywhere. Google Nest Cam IQ has an automatic zoom feature, this is the primary reason why it has gained such popularity.

This security camera is compatible not only with the Google Assistant, but also you can connect it with Alexa. By just accessing Nest Cam IQ’s application, you can even easily check the snapshot histories. But, for that, you have to opt for choosing a preferable subscription plan. Choose an affordable plan and get immediate access to the snapshots which were taken 2 months ago.

Unable to Install the Security Camera at Workplace or Home? Take Professional Help

There are a few more security camera options available for home or business owners. If you are looking for a video surveillance system that can scan the entire room within three seconds, go for buying Wyze Cam Pan.

Further, Reolink’s Argus 3 can be installed both indoors or outdoors. You can also buy Canary Pro or Amcrest’s 4MP UltraHD camera; these devices provide prompt responses when something uncanny happens. So, research, take time and then only choose the right security camera. For further recommendations, reach out to an experienced expert.

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